Kodály Centre

Address: Pécs, Brauer Marcell sétány 4, 7622
Phone: + 36 72 500 300
E-mail: info@kodalykozpont.hu



The conference venue of the Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks 1-3 March 2016 in Pécs is the Kodály Centre. As Maxim Vengerov violinist says, Kodály Centre is an architectural Stradivarius. During Conference in addition to the excellent acoustics of the centre we can enjoy other benefits as well. In The nearly thousand-seat concert hall and in the smaller section rooms – thanks to modern technology and the quality of services – we can observe the presentations in one building, but comfortable surroundings. Professional restaurant personel take care of the catering services during the meetings and events.

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