WHO European Healthy Cities Network Annual Healthy Cities Business Meeting and Conference
Building Healthy Cities: Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable
Pécs, Hungary, 1-3 March 2017 #Pecs2017

SESSIONS #pecs2017 #healthycities

Plenary sessions: Sessions with all participants attending. No other conference session or event is taking place during plenary sessions.

Parallel sessions: Different types of sessions taking place at the same time. Participants are free to choose which session to attend.

Business sessions: Discussion and/or decision-making sessions for the responsible politicians and coordinators of the full members of the
WHO European Healthy Cities Network and the accredited National Networks. Observers may attend / take the floor but may not vote.

Roundtable: Sessions with representatives from cities and experts aiming to clarify and explore the meaning and the practical applications
of the main themes of the conference.

Surgeries: Discussion and debate sessions that address issues / challenges identified in cities on focus areas.

Learning through practice: Sessions with cities presenting their practice relevant to a Conference theme followed by questions and
facilitated discussions to enable shared learning across network cities.

Training: Interactive learning sessions on areas key to the work of Healthy Cities.